Browse our distinctive selection of goods sourced from local and regional artisans, including cured meats, quality cheeses and more. We support family-owned businesses and stock the winery’s store with high quality selections that reflect our values and heritage.

Prairie Berry Made

Handmade the old-fashioned way, our Prairie Berry Made products are crafted in small batches onsite at our winery. Popular selections include our Kick Ass compote, seasonal jams and pure South Dakota honey.

Kick Ass Compote is one of several Prairie Berry Made products produced by hand, in small batches at Prairie Berry Winery in Hill City, South Dakota.

We source many ingredients for our Prairie Berry Made products from local producers and the fruit used in many of our jams comes from the same growers that provide fruit for our wines.

Wild Idea Buffalo Company

Wild Idea Buffalo began with a vision of actually improving the eco-system of the Great Plains. Their buffalo are raised on the wide-open spaces of South Dakota where they eat only the native grasses beneath their feet. They spend their lives roaming freely on thousands of acres, and never see a feedlot or slaughterhouse. The result is better lives for the bison, the restoration of more than 100,000 prairie acres, and sweet, delicious red meat. Not such a wild idea after all!

Haystack Mountain Goat Dairy

Locally owned and operated since 1989, Haystack Mountain is nationally recognized as a producer of premium, handcrafted raw and pasteurized cheeses, made in a variety of styles. Haystack Mountain cheeses are known for their clean flavor and texture—a direct result of high-quality milk produced by their partner dairy at the Skyline Correctional Facility and the skill of their cheesemaker, Jackie Chang.

Sturgis Honey

We source the honey used to craft our Prairie Berry Made South Dakota honey and creamed cinnamon honey from Sturgis Honey, located just 60 miles from the winery.

Owned by John Stolle, Sturgis Honey is home to more than 50 million bees that also produce the honey used in our popular Raspberry Honeywine.