Pomegranate Fusion


Pomegranate Fusion

Just as layers of paint influence each other on a canvas to create a final painted picture, different fruits in fusion wines co-ferment to create new flavors and textures. When setting out to make a fusion wine, I often let my senses guide the process.

Riesling is an interesting grape by itself, but the addition of pomegranate takes it up a few levels. I’m always looking for new challenges and ways to do things. Fermenting pomegranate with Riesling grapes for our Pomegranate Riesling Fusion was one of those creative winemaking opportunities.

Product Description

Pomegranate Fusion

Pomegranate Fusion is packed with notes of jammy cherry and light cherry blossom.

  • Fruit type: Pomegranate
  • Grape type: Riesling
  • Sweetness: Semi-sweet
  • Serving: Chilled
  • Compare to: Nothing else


What to expect


See: Bold red with orange highlights



Sniff: Jammy candied cherry note and cherry blossom



Sip: Young, bright cherry with hints of green apple



Savor: Refreshing, lingering pomegranate finish



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Pomegranate Fusion

Cheese Pairing: Blueberry Stilton

Food Suggestions: Asian lemon chicken, creamy lemon chicken


Pomegranate Fusion

  1. 2018, Bronze Medal, Florida State Fair International Wine and Grape Juice Competition
  2. 2017, Silver Medal, Indy International Wine Competition
  3. 2016, Silver Medal, Mid-American Wine Competition
  4. 2016, Gold Medal, Tasters Guild International Wine Competition

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