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Peach Mead

Product Description

Peach MeadMade with South Dakota Honey, this wine offers notes of sweetened peaches and honey.

  • Grape/Fruit composition: Peach, South Dakota honey
  • Sweetness: Sweet
  • Serving: Lightly chilled
  • Compare to: Nothing like it


What to Expect

See: Clear. Brilliant light honey-gold.



Sniff: Honeyed peaches and cream.



Sip: Starts with sweetened peaches and honey. Peaches and cream mid-pallet to finish.



Savor: Honey and sweetened cream





Peach MeadCheese Pairing: Goat Gouda

Food Suggestions: 

At home: Asian salad with oranges, almonds and ginger dressing; orange chicken; honey-glazed BBQ pork ribs; or fresh fruit and granola with sweetened cream.

PBW: Spinach salad with poppy seed dressing.




Peach Mead

  1. 2018, Silver Medal, Indy International Wine Competition
  2. 2018, Gold Medal, Tasters Guild International Wine Awards
  3. 2017, Bronze Medal, Indy International Wine Competition
  4. 2017, Silver Medal, San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition
  5. 2016, Double Gold, Tasters Guild Consumer Wine Competition
  6. 2016, Gold, Jefferson Cup Invitational Wine Competition

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