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JingleThe Vojta family tradition was always to serve red wine at the holiday table. Our winemaker, Sandi says, “When I was younger, I preferred a sweeter, fruitier red wine. As I tried different varieties over the years, I started gravitating toward bolder more intense reds. Now I have a tendency to look at the overall feast being planned and think about how everything works together, wine included.”

If you also love an oak-aged red wine with your herb-roasted holiday turkey or pork, Sandi was thinking of you when she made Jingle. Get it while you can!

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Product Description


Soft and smooth on the palate, enjoy flavors of warm, brandied cherries with hints of cedar and clove in this limited edition holiday blend.

  • Grape type: Red blend
  • Sweetness: Dry
  • Serving: Cool room temperature
  • Compare to: Dry red blends, Zinfandel

What to expect


See: Velvety garnet with lavender highlights



Sniff: Warm, rich notes of red cherries and blackberry mingle with cedar, vanilla bean, and sweet-leaf tobacco



Sip: Soft and velvety texture on the palate with well-structured tannin from start to finish and flavors of warm, brandied cherries and hints of cedar and clove



Savor: Lightly lingering acidity and warm dark cherry




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JingleCheese Pairing: Double Gloucester

Food Suggestion:
At home: Roast goose, crispy duck, or smoked pheasant
From our Kitchen: Antipasto Platter



  1. 2017, Silver Medal, Jefferson Cup Invitational Wine Competition

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