Wild Plum

Product Description

This unique, strikingly clear dry wine has flavors of young red plums alongside wildflower honey and earthy straw. We highly recommend pairing this wine with food.

  • Fruit type: Wild plum
  • Sweetness: Dry
  • Serving: Lightly chilled (48-50 degrees)
  • Compare to: Unique

What to expect

See: Beautifully clear, rose gold in color with clear edges



Sniff: Fresh plums with fresh cut straw and pink floral notes



Sip: Acidic up front with flavors of young red plums and hints of flower honey and earthy straw



Savor: Lightly lingering acidity with notes of earthy straw


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Cheese pairing: Raspberry Belavetano, Gouda, fresh goat cheese, Benning Mild Goat Cheese

Food Suggestions: 
Home: Pork stir fry, grilled pork chops, roasted loin, or lamb chops


  1. 2019, Bronze Medal, San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition


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