Chuckle Berry

Product Description


This wine is a sweet and sassy blend of our year’s end fruit and is packed with dense fruity notes. Its sweet finish brims with jammy raspberry flavor.

If you like our Strawberry Fusion wine, you’ll love Chuckle Berry!

  • Grape type: Grenache
  • Fruit type: Apple, Plum, Cranberry, Strawberry, Elderberry
  • Sweetness: Dessert
  • Serving: Chilled (44-46 degrees)
  • Compare to: It’s one-of-a-kind


What to expect


See: Deep, rich ruby with mahogany highlights



Sniff: Hints of raspberry and apple with a rich undertone of sweet red grape and peach blossom



Sip: Jammy raspberry, with hints of baked apples



Savor: Finishes with a bright, refreshing note to balance sweetness



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Cheese Pairing: Goat cheese topped with Prairie Berry Made jam or compote

Food Suggestions: Baklava or our Kitchen’s ham sandwich



Chuckleberry wine

  1. 2017, Silver Medal, San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition
  2. 2015, Gold Medal, Indy International Wine Competition

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