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Anna Pesä Meritage 2014


Anna Pesa Meritage2014

Our award-winning Anna Pesä wines take the winemaking heritage of fifth generation winemaker Sandi Vojta back to where it began, with her great-great-grandmother, Anna Pesä.

Before immigrating to the Dakota Territory in the late 1800s, Anna made traditional European wines for her family in Moravia, Czechoslovakia. Coincidentally, she left the ‘old country’ when the phylloxera epidemic was taking off throughout Europe and just before it wiped out most European vineyards.

These old world wines connect the beauty and heritage of our family’s past with the possibilities of today.

Product Description

Anna Pesa Meritage2014

Offering notes of warm, tart cherries with hints of leather and clove.

  • Grape type: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc
  • Sweetness: Dry
  • Serving: Cool room temperature
  • Compare to: Bordeaux


What to expect


See: Bright garnet leading to red plum highlights



Sniff: Smokey spices, dark stone fruits



Sip: Warm, tart red cherries with hints of leather and clove



Savor: Well balanced tannin with warm, spiced vanilla finish




Anna Pesa Meritage2014

Cheese Pairing: Gouda, blue cheese

Food Suggestions: Our Kitchen’s Charcuterie Board


Anna Pesa Meritage2014

  1. 2017, Bronze Medal, Jefferson Cup Invitational Wine Competition

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