Grape Wine

From Cabernet to Zinfandel, with some Frontenac and LaCrescent in the middle, these are the wines that traditional wine-lovers love.

Our favorite grapes are the ones that have been developed to withstand the frigid temperatures, the drought, the heat and the unpredictability of South Dakota’s climate. Our partner at family-owned Lewis & Clark Vineyard, near Yankton, S.D.,  grows these grapes—Frontenac, Brianna, St. Pepin, LaCrescent, Frontenac Gris—for us.

The more traditional, or vinifera, grape varieties—Merlot, Chardonnay, Zinfandel, Cabernet, Concord—don’t like our South Dakota summers or winters, so we have to bring them in from friendlier climates. Whether the grapes are from Yankton or California, though, every drop of wine is made right here near Hill City, by our fifth-generation South Dakota winemaker.