Fruit Wine

These are the wines made from fruit (not grapes) and “prairie berries,” as Sandi’s great-great-grandmother dubbed them in her limited English–chokecherries, buffaloberries, wild plums. They’re some of our favorites because they’re so uniquely South Dakotan.

Some less traditional wines have also made our fruit wine list. Like Poker Face, a pear-pineapple wine (too bad pineapples don’t grow in South Dakota) that features the face of local legend Poker Alice. Or Red Ass Rhubarb, a semi-sweet raspberry-rhubarb wine represented by the famous red donkey.

Many of our wines are made from fruit that grows wild in South Dakota. It grows in the canyons, road ditches and on creek banks. We get some of our fruits from small, family farms, or from the Pine Ridge Indian  Reservation. We know the names of all of our fruit providers. And the names of their kids.

Nearly all of the fruit we use is hand-picked. We couldn’t do what we do without a lot of hard-working South Dakotans.