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By Franny Myers, Gen5 Wine Club Associate

There is no better place to be in the summer than the Black Hills, the sunshine, the smell of the pine and the heat! But, that heat isn’t always such a good thing.

While those hot, hot days are perfect weather for a day at the lake, incessant warmth is not kind to traveling wine. Whether you are shipping it home or taking it with you on the rest of your vacation, here are some things to keep in mind before you enjoy your wine.

  • Wine makes a great souvenir. Just remember that leaving your wine in a hot vehicle for an extended period of time can damage it. Take your wine inside as soon as possible. If Prairie Berry is just the first of many stops, sticking your wine in a cooler will help protect it from the heat and the light. We want you to enjoy your wine at home as much as you enjoyed it with us.
  • No room in your car for your case of wine? Let us ship it for you, and we can worry about the heat. Our Shipping department checks the temperature both in the Black Hills and wherever its final destination is. We will hold the package until it is safe to ship (below 90). Of course, if you have any questions about your wine shipment you can always give us a call. 605.574.9636. Once your wine arrives safely on your doorstep, make sure you store it in a cool, dark place, like a basement or a closet.

Wine can be a little delicate, it doesn’t like to be too hot, or too cold, but it is worth that extra bit of protection to enjoy a glass in the peace and quiet of your own home.


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Prairie Berry, LLC helped mark a milestone in a new program developed by Black Hills Works on June 13.

Gregson’s Gardens, which is where much of our local produce comes from for us in our Kitchen and Prairie Berry Made products, has been assisting Shad in building a hydroponic garden and caring for his plants. Shad began growing rhubarb last year, and this morning co-founder Matt Keck purchased Shad’s first crop.

Matt, Shad, and Todd

Matt Keck, Shad, and Todd Gregson outside Shad’s Rhubarb Patch.

Black Hills Works received a grant to launch the Hydro Greenhouse in October 2015. The purpose is to grow chemical- and pesticide-free produce and to supply it to local consumers while employing, training and mentoring people with disabilities. Black Hills Works’ goal is to eventually employ 10-25 people in the greenhouse.

Shad watering his rhubarb with an adaptive watering device.

Shad watering his rhubarb with an adaptive watering device.

For more on this story, check out articles from these media outlets:

For more information about Black Hills Works’ Hydroponic Gardening program, click here.


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Summer is off to a great start here at the winery. We were recently notified that 17 of our wines earned medals at the 2016 Tasters Guild International Wine Competition.

One of our newest wines, Black Raspberry Merlot Fusion, and our LaCrescent 2015, made with South Dakota-grown grapes, were both named Double Gold award winners, the highest award possible in this competition.

2016 Fusions with Medals_2

Two of our Fusion wines, Pomegranate Riesling and Strawberry Moscato Fusion, as well as our Frontenac 2015 earned Gold medals. Also bringing home awards are Blue Suede Shoes, Lawrence Elk, Gold Digger, Wild Bill, Anna Pesä Muscat Blanc 2015, Anna Pesä Chenin Blanc 2015, Phat Hogg Red, Red Ass Rhubarb, Crab Apple, Brianna, Anna Pesä Symphony 2015, and Calamity Jane.

This latest round of awards brings our grand total since 2001 to 897. Browse all of our awards here.


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By Franny Myers, Gen5 Wine Club Associate

I love a good dinner party. I come from a long line of amazing hostesses–my mother took home a purple ribbon at the South Dakota State Fair for her table setting demonstration in 1972. Despite my impressive lineage, when it comes to dinner parties, my ambition far outweighs my skill.

So, I turned to Kate Hayes, Prairie Berry’s Wholesale Manager and Employee Educator for some advice.

Question: Dinner party day is upon us. I’ve braved the grocery store, I’ve cleaned the house, I’ve paced the living room wondering if I should call the whole thing off. What’s next?

Answer: You’ve done the hardest part! The wine and food are the FUN part of planning a dinner party…as long as you feel prepared. So, here we go!

How many bottles of wine should I have on hand for a party of six?

There are four standard (6 oz) pours in a 750ml bottle of wine. Consider what part the wine will play in the dinner party. Is it for the appetizer/salad course? If so, there’s a lot more wine to come. Plan on 1 to 1.5 glasses per guest (two bottles).

As you proceed through the planning, consider that your guests will most likely linger over dinner and enjoy two full glasses per person (three bottles). Dessert wines can be poured in much smaller amounts; think 3oz per guest. Stick to one bottle and some great coffee for your dessert course.

How many kinds of wine should I purchase?

I would stick to three in the scenario listed above. A fun, refreshing wine to welcome your guests and enjoy appetizers/salad, a well matched wine for the main course, and a fun dessert wine.

People will drink the wine you offer them, so don’t plan on having six different wines for six different guests. They will love what you’ve chosen to pair with your food.

For dessert, should it be a wine float?

Ha! That would be interesting to say the least! If you would like to actually incorporate wine into your dessert, consider making a wine slush or sorbet with Prairie Berry Made Frost Bite.

If you would like wine to go with something you’ve prepared, stick with this simple rule: your wine should be sweeter than your dessert so that your wine isn’t lost in translation. Having a dark chocolate torte? Consider a rich, fortified wine. Strawberry shortcake? Consider Prairie Berry’s Strawberry Moscato Fusion for a perfect pairing.

Don’t forget! Have sparkling water or soda on hand for guests who may be driving.

Thank you, Kate! With the food ready and the wine set, the only thing left to do is host. Purple ribbon, here I come!


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By Franny Myers, Gen5 Wine Club Associate

This is Franny, one of Prairie Berry Winery's Gen5 Wine Club associates.As a dedicated wine drinker, my knowledge of beer begins with Super Bowl commercials and ends with Clydesdales. Thankfully, working at Prairie Berry has its perks. Kate Hayes, Prairie Berry’s Wholesale Manager and Employee Educator, decided to help me tiptoe into the world of craft beer.

Selection can be determined by how a craft beer, like a wine, feels in your mouth. This is a characteristic known as mouth feel, says Kate. The weight of the wine and the bitterness can also translate into the world of beer.

If, like me, you’re an experienced wine drinker but want to learn more about craft beer, the following tips are for you. Kate has rounded up several popular Prairie Berry wines and paired them with similar craft beers from our brewery, Miner Brewing Company.


If you like this wine:

Anna Pesä Chardonnay
Characteristics: Fresh, light and bright flavor with a burst of green apple. Lightly oaked, dry and mellow acidity. Then you might like this beer:

Pouring Gose

Sea salt and citrus give Gose its refreshing, dry and lightly sour profile. A hint of sweetness, light salt and minerality on the nose with a bright, delicately sour finish.

Food pairings: Goat cheese. The light, refreshing bodies Anna Pesä Chardonnay and Miner Gose are great matches for a young, creamy cheese.

If you like this wine:

Anna Pesä Meritage
Characteristics: A traditional blended wine of cabernet sauvignon, merlot and cabernet franc, which softens the wine. This is a heavier wine on the palate, similar to a heavier beer. Then you might like this beer:


MINER Dr. Valentine
This Imperial Red IPA is deep amber to dark copper in the glass and offers light hop citrus and toasted malts on the nose. Fresh hop bitterness and malts are well-balanced and smooth with a lingering bitter finish. Dr. Valentine has a dry feel and is packed with flavor. With hints of caramel and a bitter hop finish, it’s similar to characteristics exhibited by dry red wines.

Food pairings: Young, sharp cheddar with crusty bread pairs great with both the Anna Pesä Meritage and Miner Dr. Valentine

If you like this wine:

Red Ass Rhubarb
Characteristics: Prairie Berry Winery’s best-selling and most award-winning wine has a raspberry flavor up front that fades to earthy rhubarb and offers an intense balance of fruity and tart. Then you might like this beer:

Fruit Side Dish - Glamour_1

MINER Fruit Side Dish
Brilliant amber rose in the glass with notes of tart cranberry, sweet raspberry and bright green apple on the nose and palate. Light and refreshing with fine carbonation and a dry finish.

Food pairings: A spicy nut mix, a young cheese board with goat cheese and our Kick Ass Compote.

Ready to dive into the world of craft beer? Enjoy these and other Miner craft beers at Miner Brewing Company in Hill City and at Prairie Berry East Bank in Sioux Falls. And remember, whether sampled from a growler or in a pint glass, there’s no wrong way to enjoy new beer. Explore, ask questions and repeat.


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We kicked off the New Year on a high note, bringing home four awards from the 2016 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition. Recognized as the largest competition of American wines in the world, this year’s San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition received more than 7,100 entries from 28 states across the country. It was the highest number of entries ever received for the competition.

We were delighted to have been among the exclusive few to earn awards.

The star among our entries was our popular Gold Digger pear wine, winning a Double Gold medal. Gold Digger also won Best of Class among the entered fruit wines at the 2015 San Francisco Chronicle. The latest Double Gold medal brought the grand total awards for Gold Digger to date to 37.

Our popular Crab Apple wine won a Gold medal, bringing that wine’s grand total awards to 36. Our Lawrence Elk and Anna Pesä Chenin Blanc 2015 wines also won awards.

This latest round of awards brought our grand total since 2001 to 880. Browse all of our awards here.


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We like to say that everyone should love where they work. And we do everything we can each day to ensure our employees love working for our family of businesses.

Our businesses aren’t just places to earn a paycheck. They’re locations where our company values come to life and where an emphasis is placed on workplace education, on having fun each day and on providing employees with the tools needed to provide the best experiences for our guests.

“Prairie Berry is a family company that does it right. I’m honored to be part of the pioneering Prairie Berry family, where a culture is fostered to encourage each authentic team member to work hard and make a difference for our guests, community, the world, and themselves,” says Chris Burger, Prairie Berry’s Human Resources Manager.

Joining the Prairie Berry family means:
• Working every day against the backdrop of the beautiful Black Hills (or the historic setting of Downtown Sioux Falls);
• Selling products that are easy to be passionate about;
• Sharing our rich heritage with the power of storytelling;
• Doing stuff that really makes people smile;
• Working with amazing people who are selected based on a shared culture and values alignment;
• Joining a group of pioneering spirits and continuous learners committed to personal and professional development;
• Working in a truly collaborative environment;
• Always recognizing and sharing individual and team wins;
• Working in a fast-growing company with a lot of exciting opportunities;
• And, most of all, having a lot of fun!

“At Prairie Berry, our values of creating fun and laughter in an authentic and humble, team-oriented, environmentally conscious, quality-oriented, fast-paced setting are organically grown and lived out every day. It’s a dedication to these values that helps fuel every business decision the company makes. There’s nothing more fulfilling than working where you love what you do and the people you work with,” says Chris.

Want to write your own Prairie Berry story? Browse our job openings and apply today!


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We took home 6 medals from the 2015 Jefferson Cup Invitational Wine Competition, including Medals of American Excellence for our Anna Pesä Meritage 2013 and Uncle Ralph’s Rhubarb.

This year’s sixteenth annual invitational was held November 19-20 in Kansas City, Missouri. Known as the “Olympics” of wine competitions, the Jefferson Cup Invitational was founded in 1999 in honor of Thomas Jefferson. Wineries must be invited to participate in the competition and the 2015 participants were chosen based on tastings and competitions throughout America.

We were thrilled to have been among the exclusive few to be invited to compete.

This was the first award for Anna Pesä Meritage 2013 and the eighth award for Uncle Ralph’s Rhubarb. We also received Jefferson Cup Medals of American Merit for our Pink Slip, Anna Pesä Chenin Blanc 2015, Pumpkin Bog and Great Grandma’s Chokecherry Bliss wines.

This is our fourth competition win in 2015, bringing our grand total awards since 2001 to 876. You can find a breakdown of all of our awards here.


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The results are in and our wines won again, this time at the Indy International Wine Competition.

Held annually, the Indy International Wine Competition receives more than 3000 entries from 40 US states and 11 countries. We were delighted to bring home 16 medals.

Chuckle Berry and Apricot were the stars of our entered wines, each winning a gold medal.

Our Calamity Jane, Anna Pesä Riesling 2013, Legacy Anna Pesä Chenin Blanc 2014, Pink Slip, Gold Digger, Crab Apple, Uncle Ralph’s Rhubarb, Blue Suede Shoes and Great Grandma’s Chokecherry Bliss wines won silver awards.

We also took home awards for Anna Pesä Riesling 2014, 3 Rednecks, Great Grandma’s Chokecherry Wine, Razzy Apple and Frontenac 2014.

This latest round of awards brought our grand total to 870 medals.

View a list of all of our awards here.


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A ribbon cutting on April 23 at Prairie Berry Winery marked the official release of Anna Pesä wines.

Anna Pesä wines are handcrafted from traditional European wine grapes at Prairie Berry Winery. These wines take Prairie Berry’s winemaking heritage back to where it began, with our fifth generation winemaker Sandi Vojta’s great-great-grandmother, Anna Pesä. Before immigrating to the Dakota Territory in the late 1800s, Anna made traditional European wines for our family in Moravia, Czechoslovakia.

Anna Pesä Riesling on display in the Prairie Berry Winery Tasting Room in Hill City, South Dakota.From the light bodied, semi-dry Riesling and the lightly oaked Chardonnay to the Cabernet Sauvignon that brings beautiful fruit on the nose with just the right amount of oak, these are must-try old world wines of exceptional quality that are rooted in tradition.

Sandi and Ralph celebrate the official launch of Anna Pesä wines, a tribute to Sandi's great-great-grandmother and Ralph's great-grandmother.The release of Anna Pesä was a memorable occasion for many reasons, but primarily because Sandi has aspired to create and share traditional wines that honor her great-great-grandmother and her European heritage since first starting Prairie Berry Winery.

Ralph shares a story about his connection to Anna Pesä, his great-grandmother and the namesake for Prairie Berry's newest line of wines, Anna Pesä.“This release marks our expansion into the traditional wine market and rounds out our offerings by fulfilling the customer demand of those with palates for dry wines,” says Sandi.

One of many glasses of Anna Pesä wine poured to celebrate the brand's launch at Prairie Berry Winery in Hill City, South Dakota.The next time you visit the winery, enjoy a free taste of any Anna Pesä wine at our Tasting Bars or select bottles of your new favorites from our Anna Pesä display wall. These wines are also available for purchase by the bottle, glass or as a flight at Prairie Berry East Bank in Sioux Falls.

Learn more about Anna Pesä wines and the story behind them at