The Prairie Berry family has always been the pioneer type.

When the Vojta family left Moravia, Czechosolovakia in 1876 to move to the plains of South Dakota, they established a tradition of leaving the comfort zone behind and striking off into new territory.

Sandi Vojta, Prairie Berry’s fifth generation winemaker, is continuing that tradition. She’s taken the wild wines that have been part of her family for generations and wowed judges, wine connoisseurs and the neighbors down the road. She’s proven time and again that good wine may start with a chokecherry bush along a canyon or a wild plum shrub along a country road in South Dakota as well as a big name vineyard in California.

From the signature semi-sweet Red Ass Rhubarb to the classy, dry Cabernet Sauvignon we call 3Rednecks (well, it TASTES classy), at Prairie Berry we’re staying true to our heritage.